Our main goal is to support capacity building to improve Africans’ access to quality education.

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These are transitional programs for upper-level students in high school soon to be entering their first year of university. They are highly selective and allow high school Upper-Level students to gain exposure to an American university experience and learn the basics for a career as a data professional.
The PAHEi Summer Bridge Program will also provide accepted students the unique opportunity to take a deeper dive into academic options beyond high school. During the program, students will be engaged with college-level academic contents exclusively in English, as taught on US campuses.
This year’s edition will build on the pilot’s success to achieve key milestones, including new partnerships with impact focused local higher education institutions, to expand access. The second edition of the Summer Bridge Program will be held again in Yaoundé and Douala, Cameroon during the last two weeks of August 2023. It will engage admitted students on the procurement and the business of healthcare
The 2023 Summer Bridge Program
  • Theme: The Healthcare Industry
  • Format: 2 one-week delivered by US based faculty and professionals in a hybrid format (in-person and online synchronous)
  • Location: Yaoundé and Douala, August 2023
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The 2022 edition of the program was a pilot of the PAHEi education model which seeks to scale the access to American education at an affordable price on the African continent. Leveraging technology and the hybrid modality of course delivery in the post-pandemic era, the two one-week intensive program engaged students on the application of STEM and leadership skills for business decisions. Courses were taught exclusively by us based faculty, subject matter experts and industry professionals

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