Linda Njoh, Ph.D.

Dr. Linda Njoh is a founding executive member of the Pan-African Higher Education Initiative Foundation (PAHEi). The organization benefits from her unique experience at top tier U.S. higher education institutions.
Dr. Njoh is a proud teacher leader in the area of mathematics employed with the New York State Department of Education since 2016. She is originally from African descent, more precisely from Cameroon, Africa. A Land from across the blue waters, right under the equator line, post-colonial, little miniature Africa, a country lying at the junction of western and central Africa.
In her leadership role as a Peer Collaborative teacher, Dr. Njoh promotes local effective instructional practices that are beneficial for diverse groups of students, she supports her colleagues through focused coaching, inter-visitations, and designing meaningful opportunities for professional growth.
Dr. Njoh also serves as an adjunct associate professor for both the department of Mathematics and the department of Business and Economics at Lehman College (CUNY). In this role, she is responsible for designing and developing curricula for students in the area of computational statistics. She delivers a range of programs of teaching for students and ensures that her teaching design and methods are in compliance with the educational standards and regulations of the department.
Dr. Njoh holds a PHD and a Master of Science degree in Statistical sciences from Baylor University, a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics. Dr. Njoh is fluent in English, and French. She currently lives in New York, with her family.