Zacharie Petchokomani

Mr. Zacharie Petchokomani is a founding executive member of the Pan-African Higher Education Initiative Foundation (PAHEi). The organization benefits from his unique experience at top tier U.S. based software engineering and development entities or departments at Fortune 500 companies.
Mr. Petchokomani is a veteran IT Consultant with 26+ years enterprise level experience in the US and he is a Co-Founder of BiServ Inc. Mr. Petchokomani immigrated to the United States of America from The Republic of Cameroon in 1996.
Mr. Petchokomani provides IT consulting and services to clients to help analyze, design, implement, build, test, deploy and/or integrate their enterprise software ecosystem. His duties include Requirement gathering, PoC, Data analytic, System Design, Software Architecture, Software Development, Automate Testing, secure SDLC, Continue Integration/Continue Development management, Performance Tuning, Code Review, Enterprise Software Security, deployment on Premise or on Cloud and Project Management.
Prior to becoming a Senior IT Consultant, Mr. Petchokomani held Lead and Senior Software Engineering-Development roles for 23+ years at Fortune 500 companies in the United States. Mr. Petchokomani corporate experience, all in Atlanta GA – USA, includes Home Depot (retail), AIG (insurance), NCR (software and hardware for retail), Ingenico (secure payment), Global Payment (finance), TSYS (finance), FedEx (transportation), Byers Engineering (GIS), JDA (Supply chain), Ipsidy (Software) and Ants Software (Software).
Mr. Petchokomani is engaged in various innovative business development initiatives in several frontier markets. Mr. Petchokomani is an entrepreneur, and an advisor who seeks to create better jobs for the youth in developing countries using IT innovative business ventures.
Mr. Petchokomani holds a Master’s in Computer Science from Kennesaw State University. Mr. Petchokomani is a graduate of University of Yaoundé I in Cameroon where he earned his first Master’s in Computer Science (1992) and a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics (1991). Mr. Petchokomani is fluent in English, and French. He currently lives in Atlanta-GA, with his family.